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The Redington Smyths are a middle to upper class Victorian family who have had enough of Christmas in the Winter.

They love Christmas but hate the cold and especially the snow, so they are starting a campaign to get Christmas moved to the summer for a nice hot festive time.

The family will take to the streets to spread the word to the ‘common’ man to say they their way is the best way.


This unique theatrical experience lasts approx 30 minutes and can either be performed on a small stage or as a walk around act. It is presented by a cast of between 10 and 20 performers of all ages all dressed in Victorian costume.


The cast will sing a variety of ‘summer’ Christmas carols including ‘I’m Dreaming of a Nice Warm Christmas’ and ‘Walking in a Summer Wonderland’. They will hold up signs, chant, give passionate speeches to try and get the general public to believe in our cause. The aim is to get the public on our side and joining in is encouraged.

To book this promenade theatre piece for your event or festival please get in touch at


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