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Helston Theatre Company believes that accessible live theatre enriches the community.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people to collectively appreciate and develop their talents, skills, knowledge and expertise in live performance.

In support of our mission we aim to present a diverse range of productions of high standards for our audiences and members participation and enjoyment.

To achieve our aim we:

  • Select activities and productions which will provide interest, challenge, entertainment and rewards for our participants and audiences;

  • are inclusive and welcoming; providing support and encouragement to our diverse membership;

  • provide leadership, structures, procedures and financial probity to ensure the continuity of our company;

  • recognise the ability to contribute is not evenly distributed but will be clear about minimum expectations to ensure collective pride in our achievements;

  • encourage participation from, and presentation to, the widest possible cross-section of our community;

  • recognise and value equally the needs and contribution of performers, crew and audiences