The Epworth Hall is our home and where we perform the majority of our shows. The venue is an historic building, built in 1798 as the original Coinagehall Chapel, before taking on a variety of uses from the late 1880's, when the new chapel was built directly in front.


As it is an old building, there are some eccentricities which you might like to be aware of before visiting us to watch a production.  

Access to the site is from the road running through Helston town. There is space to drop off outside the venue, but parking is very limited on Coinagehall Street. We would encourage you to use one of the nearby car parks: Tyacke Road (4 min walk), Wendron Street (5 min), or Cattle Market (5 min). 

Access to the building is down the left of the chapel building, either down 7(?) stone steps or a ramp. 

To get into the auditorium there is a flight of XX steps or a lift. The lift can only be used when the staircase is clear, so if you require the lift to access the building please let us know ahead of your visit. 

The seating rises either side of the central aisle into the auditorium. If you require extra leg room, the best seats to book are the following:

If you are would prefer to not climb additional stairs to get to your seat once in the auditorium, the best seats to book are the following:

Due to limited audience toilets on site, we encourage our patrons to use the toilets in the adjacent Chapel building, a short walk that is clearly signposted from the theatre. However, there is one toilet next to the auditorium for audience use if preferred. 

Please click here if you would like to see a video walk through of access into the Epworth Hall.